Mayer Alloys stocks and supplies a full line of the highest quality lead based and lead free solders to serve all industries, including: • Cored Solder • Wire Solder • Solder Bar • Solder Ingot • Lead Came • Lead sheet • Pewter • Casting Alloys • Babbitt • Solder Fluxes and Chemicals • Acid and Rosin Core Solder Wire all diameters • Solid Core Wire • Bar and Solder Ingots • Lead Free Alloys • Pewter Alloys and Jewelry Alloys • High Speed Babbitt • Genuine Babbitt • Automotive Grade Babbitt • Antimony Leads & Lead Counter Weights • Zinc Came • Lead Came • Solder Powders • Tin Powder Our experienced sales team will work with you to ensure that you get the right product to meet your metal requirements. For a more detailed listing, please contact us at 888.513.7971 or email

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