Scrap Reclamation We can assure all companies that your scrap materials, regardless of quantities, will be processed and recycled under strict supervision by AIM personnel meeting both O.S.H.A and environmental recycling standards. Mayer Alloys buys and recycles all tin and lead based alloys. This includes: • Radiator Drippings, Dross and Pot Dumpings • Electronic Pot Dumpings. Sweated & Unsweated Electronic Dross • Tin Dross from Tin Coating of Copper • Pure Tin Dross and Tin Skimmings • High Tin Babbitt Metal and Dross • Pewter and Jewelry Scrap • Drippings, Dross and Pot Dumpings • Tin Plating Sludge Scrap Solder • Metal from Industrial Processes. • Clean Scrap Lead Scrap Conversions Mayer also offers scrap conversions. This means that we will process and refine your material, add the necessary units of tin or lead and return to you an alloy meeting both your metallic specifications and quality control standards. Foreign Markets Mayer Alloys is pleased to announce that we have expanded to foreign markets and we are now buyers of all nonferrous scrap metals worldwide. For additional information and current pricing please contact our reclamation expert,Gerry Corlin at 844-564-6087 or via email at

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