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Rosin Core Solder

The most common method of joining wires cables and electrical conducting materials together is using soldering methods. There are a huge variety of different soldering wires and soldering methods and the most suitable choice of soldering wire is always sensible for the right application. If you are joining wire or metals that operate under extreme conditions of temperature where fluctuations vary between cool to very hot then most likely Rosin core solder would be used. Rosin core solder is available from Mayer Alloys in various thicknesses and sizes.

When using an electrical soldering iron for fine jobs then very thin rosin core solder would suit the purpose but you would need the thicker gauges where you are using blow torch soldering methods. Mayer Alloys are a leading supplier of a huge range of different types of brand name AIM products including rosin core solder wire. This is suitable for the electrical, building, contractors and manufacturing industries. We stock a great variety of many types of alloys as well as an assortment of ingots, bars and sheets with recommended uses and suggestions. Rosin core solder is a very popular product as are all the soldering wires we carry. You can choose from a variety of thicknesses.

Our customers can buy bulk or smaller qualities as we are ready to ensure customer satisfaction. This Rosin has the excellent feature of great joins that to a relative degree have heat resistance, and lasting qualities against premature aging of soldered joints, thus keeping a long lasting and durable electrical join against the elements.

All these excellent products including our choice of rosin core solder in any thickness you require are widely applied across the electrical industry in the communication, electron, aviation, war industry field, heavy-duty transformer cables, high-rise building cable runs joining and many more. Many refrigeration companies also use rosin core solder because it keeps a strong join against vibration from refrigerator motors.

Mayer Alloys offer many complementing metal alloy products besides rosin core solder and lead free soldering wire products that are suitable for many manufacturing industries and for all purpose use by individuals. We also recycle metals and if you need more information about this please browse all our website links. Mayer alloys have a very comprehensive variety of alloy products available that are sure to meet all electrical and mechanical requirements and you are welcome to contact us for expert and professional advice.

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