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Solder Wire

Every Electrician or electronic technician will use solder wire extensively in their careers because it is the most versatile means of making a strong electrical connection. Different types of solder wire are used for various methods of soldering for jobs from large to very fine electronic work. There is also a huge variety of different sizes, thicknesses and differing cores for solder wires for joining of the different metal types.

If you are looking for the top quality brand name solder wire supplied by AIM which is renowned worldwide, then you can rest assured that Mayer Alloys have it in stock for you. We are an authorized dealer of all types of solder wire in this brand name, and for the many other alloys used by individuals, and in the manufacturing industry for hundreds of different purposes. We supply acid core, rosin core, and solid core, solder wire in different lengths and thicknesses as you require for your manufacturing process or job. So you can choose the solder wire suitable for your method and purpose of soldering all from one supplier.

For large cable joints and metal soldering, a blow torch with a special solid metal solder bolt tip is used, and then thick gauge solder wire is melted into the joint. Plumbers also use similar soldering methods of melting solder wire into pipe joints, but it is more common using silver solder wire for this purpose.

Different solder wire cores are used to suit the type of joints and different metals being soldered. An electrician will know the correct type of solder to use for the job to make the best electrical conducting connection. More commonly copper soldered joints will use a resin core solder, while galvanized metals will use an acid core which cleans away the galvanized residue while making the joint.

A good soldered joint using the correct solder wire will make good conductivity and also is very strong. Mayer alloys allow you to source any type of solder wire that you need suitable for any job. You can use our website to find a supplier nearest to you or feel free to contact us with your query and we will answer you promptly.

For every type of alloy and special metals from ingot for jewelry making, to sheet metal rolls of special metals for noise reduction in the aeronautical industry, you will be sure to finds it at Mayer Alloys. We also do scrap reclamation and will recycle metals for you if it is required. Contact us for further details on this and we will be glad to supply you more information. Whatever you need in alloys or solder wire you will be able to get from us because we are the leading supplier of all alloy types to the manufacturing industry and to individuals for any job or purpose. Our prices are unmatched anywhere else because we are the leaders in this industry.

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