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Serving the Automotive Manufacturing and Collision Repair Industries with High Quality Solders you can count on.

Car manufacturers and repair shops need durable materials in order to produce or repair vehicles that consumers can depend on. Mayer Alloys has been a trusted source for soldering materials for armatures, wire harnesses and other parts required in the automotive industry. The high quality alloy materials we carry make producing and repairing automobiles efficient for manufacturers, body shops and most importantly, safe for the consumer.

Some of the solder alloys we provide to the automotive industry include, but are not limited to:

All are available in bar and wire form. If there is an alloy you require that is not listed here, please contact our sales team.

For more information on purchasing automotive alloy materials, please contact us at 888-513-7971 or email or click here to fill out an inquiry form.

Solder Products for Automotive

Solder covers a wide range of uses in the automotive industry ranging from exterior body customization and repairs to radiators, and Mayer Alloys can provide the materials for each of these applications. As a master distributor for AIM Alloys, our wide range of automotive solder, available in all forms including wire, bars and ingots, are guaranteed to fit your needs. We offer a full line of lead-based and lead-free solders, including solid core, rosin core, and acid core solder. We are also a proud JIT supplier meaning you can buy what you need when you need it, and your order will typically be sent out the very same day or the next day.

To order or get technical assistance, contact our sales team at 888.513.7971, email us at or click below and fill out an inquiry form:

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Automotive Wiring Solder

Extra care is required to ensure a vehicle is running properly and efficiently. Batteries, ignition coils, breaker points, headlights, taillights, instrument panels, horns, and heater fans are just some of the crucial components in a car that may require soldering. As a master distributor for AIM Alloys, our selection of solder products are of the utmost quality to meet these needs.

Automotive Body Solder for Repairs

Mayer Alloys offers premium body solder for a variety of applications, from customizations to collision repairs. Custom and restoration body shops utilize our materials to fill seams, level uneven bodywork and blend custom features into vehicles. The body fillers we offer provide superior adhesion and excellent durability, making your job easier. Our body solder comes in both lead and lead-free varieties.

Solder for Automotive Radiator Manufacturing and Repair

Whether you’re a shop in need of materials for repairs or a hobbyist looking to fix your own project car, Mayer Alloys offers several varieties of solder suited for manufacturing, repairing and reassembling radiators. As with our other automotive solder products, we offer both leaded and lead-free alloys in ingot, bar and wire form.

For more information on purchasing materials, please contact us at 888-513-7971 or email

Automotive Packaging and Fulfillment Services

Mayer Alloys offers automotive packaging and fulfillment services. Being located in Ferndale, MI just minutes outside of Detroit, our warehouse is incredibly convenient for the automotive and industrial sectors in southeastern Michigan. We have over 36,000 sq. ft. of space dedicated to packaging and fulfillment for automotive products, as well as providing solder to fit all of your automotive assembly and repair needs. We service your needs from the time it hits our warehouses to the moment we ship it out.

We offer full-service military, automotive, and commercial packaging solutions for all types of parts. Mayer’s custom packaging and crating solutions are tailored to your needs. We handle your job every step of the way from arranging the inbound shipping, to receiving your parts, packaging and palletizing them and working with your team to ship them to your customers.

If you’d like to learn more about our packaging solutions for your business, contact us here, give us a call at 844-564-6087 x103 or email us at

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