Serving Ammunition Manufacturing with Pure Lead Ingots, Lead Wire and Sn/Sb/Pb Bar

At Mayer Alloys, we understand the importance of alloys in the manufacturing of ammunition. We are proud to provide ammunition manufacturers with pure lead ingots, lead wire and Sn/Sb/Pb Bar for bullet and musket ball production.

4 Metals in Cast Bullet Alloys

  • Lead (Pb): A heavy, ductile metal that helps carry a bullets momentum until it reaches the target. Lead can be heat treated to lessen brittleness and conducts heat very slowly, making it an ideal alloy for bullet making.
  • Antimony (Sb): Another metal used to strengthen and harden bullets. It’s tin-like qualities help the alloy to flow easier into the mold.
  • Tin (Sn): Helps to reduce dross, or minimal waste, during casting.
  • Arsenic (As): Acts as a catalyst during heat treating process.

Mayer also provides lead-free materials in states where it is required, such as California, to comply with the ban on .45 ACP ammo.

If you are an ammunition manufacturer, Mayer Alloys has the supplies you need. You’ll find the highest-quality materials at great pricing.

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