Mayer stocks and supplies a complete line of solder, tin, lead based alloys and lead-free solder. As the Master Distributor for AIM Solder, all material is guaranteed and certified to comply with ISO 9001 standards.

  • Mayer offers a full line of lead and lead-free solders, including solid-core, rosin-core and acid core solders.
  • Solder is available in all forms including ingots, bars, balls, paste, wire, foil, hex and powder.
  • Mayer is a Just In Time (JIT) Supplier, so you can buy what you need, when you need it and we will ship the same day in most cases.
  • Technical assistance is always available to make sure you get what you need to meet your metal requirements.
  • Mayer Alloys also buys scrap metal, solder and drosses at the most competitive prices and you will have peace of mind that all material is processed through an approved ISO 14001 facility.
  • We serve many industries, some of these, include Ammunition, Automotive, Bait and Tackle, Figurines & Jewelry, Plumbing, Radiation Shielding, Radiator, Roofing, Stained Glass and Wire Cloth.

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