Solder Alloys

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Mayer is a leading supplier of solder, tin, lead based alloys and lead-free solder. 

Mayer offers a full line of high quality tin and lead-based solder, lead free solders, lead sheet, lead brick, lead pipe, lead bars and other non-ferrous alloys.  As a leading supplier, all material we offer is certified ISO 9001 and meets ASTM B-29 & B-32 specifications.  In addition, Mayer also provides FREE Technical Assistance with product selection, inventory control, and reclamation services.

Mayer offers a full line of tin-lead and lead-free alloys. Below is a list of some of what material we offer. If what you are looking for is not listed, please let us know.  

  • 15SN/85PB
  • 20SN/80PB
  • 25SN/75PB
  • 30SN/70PB
  • 35SN/65PB
  • 40SN/60PB
  • 50SN/50PB
  • 60SN/40PB
  • 63SN/37PB
  • 70SN/30PB
  • 95SN/5PB
  • 95Sn/5SB
  • 96SN/4AG
  • 97SN/3CU
  • Pure Lead
  • Pure Tin

All materials are available in bar, ingot and wire.  Below is a detailed list of forms available.  If you do not see what you are looking for on this list, please let us know.

  • Ball: Ideal for precision applications
  • Bar: For versatility and ease of handling
  • Solid-Core: Perfect for robust, high-strength connections
  • Rosin-Core Solder: Suitable for electronics and soldering delicate components
  • Acid-Core Solder: Designed for specialized applications requiring controlled acid content
  • Fluxes and Chemicals: Supports soldering and alloy-related processes
  • Foil: Thin and flexible for specific applications
  • Handy Ingot: Conveniently sized ingots for various purposes
  • Hex: Unique hexagonal ingots for specialized use
  • Ingot: Standard ingots for a wide range of applications
  • Paste: For efficient soldering, especially in electronics
  • Powder: Fine-grain solder material for precision work
  • Solder Wire: Versatile and easy-to-use soldering wire
Mayer serves many industries, some of these, include Ammunition, Automotive, Bait and Tackle,  Heat Exchange, Figurines and Jewelry, Plumbing, Radiation Shielding, Roofing, Solder for Stained Glass, and Wire Cloth
Scrap Reclamation Services
Mayer also purchases and recycles scrap lead, tin-lead, tin based and other nonferrous materials. Please see our Scrap Metal Recycling Page for more information. 
For more information, FREE Technical Assistance and current pricing, contact 844.564.6087, email or fill out the form in the Request a Quote link below.
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