Bullet Lead

Lead Bullets

Mayer Alloys offers ammunition manufacturers pure lead ingots, lead wire, and Sn/Sb/Pb Bar for bullet and musket ball production.  Lead (Pb) is a heavy, malleable metal that helps carry a bullet’s momentum until it reaches the target. Lead can be heat treated to lessen brittleness and conducts heat very slowly, making it an ideal alloy for bullet making.  High purity projectile alloys are typically comprised of 2Sn/6Sb/92Pb. Other standard variations are available in addition to custom alloys.  As a master distributor for AIM, Mayer offers bullets made of hard lead alloy. AIM’s bullet making materials are ideal for both competitive and recreational shooters since they’re cast in 6 lb. notch bars or 25 lb. ingots. There are also numerous diameter wires for swaging.


Brinell Hardness Requirements

The Brinell Hardness numbers for pure lead is 5.0 HB. Alloyed lead can typically range from 5.0 HB to 22.0 HB or more. Our available alloys can be supplied to meet specific Brinell hardness requirements. Using this scale is ideal for bare or full metal jacket (FMJ) style projectiles.

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