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Since 1981 Mayer Alloys has been helping businesses meet their supply chain needs.

In 1981, Founder Edward Ruzumna, began Mayer Alloys to supply lead and tin products to businesses across a variety of industries for manufacturing, as well as providing responsible reclamation services for their scrap. Today, Mayer is carrying Ed’s legacy forward, while expanding our services to support the additional supply chain needs of our customers.  


Whatever stage you find yourself in your supply chain, Mayer is here to support you. From providing solder and metal alloys for manufacturing and assembly to 3PL warehouse and distribution services and packaging.  Mayer also provides its customers with quality control procedures as an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, Cyber Security Procedures, compliant with NIST800-171 and supply diversity opportunities as a Certified Women-Owned Business.

Serving Smaller Business

Though Mayer serves large, medium and small businesses alike, Mayer specializes in working with small business. Whether there is a  need to purchase material for manufacturing and assembly or a need for warehouse and packaging services, working with Mayer, means you are the priority. Large manufacturers and 3PL companies are not always able to serve the needs of small business–providing smaller quantities, fast delivery, and FREE technical support or storing and distributing smaller quantities for shorter periods of time. Whether you a purchasing one spool or a truckload, or need help to store and fulfill your orders, we value your business and will work with you to get you what you need, when you need it.

Metal Alloys 

Mayer stocks and supplies a full line of high quality tin, lead, lead-free and other nonferrous alloys in our 36,000 square foot warehouse in Ferndale, MI. All material we supply is certified ISO 9001 and meets ASTM B-29 and B-32 specifications. To learn more about our solder and metal products, please visit the product pages on our website.


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Free Technical Assistance

Mayer Alloys also provides FREE Technical Assistance for product selection, inventory control, reclamation services and packaging and warehouse services.  Our technical support personnel are always ready to assist you with any metallurgical or other question that might arise. Our vast resources, we will get you the solutions necessary and can even provide onsite support if necessary. Other valuable information such as SDS and TDS sheets and NAICS Codes can found on this website. If the information you are looking for is not posted, please send an email to or call us at 888.513.7971.


For more information and FREE Technical Assistance, contact 844-564-6087, email or fill out the form in the Request a Quote link below.

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Scrap Reclamation Services

Mayer purchases and recycles scrap lead, tin-lead, tin based and other nonferrous materials. We offer the highest return on your scrap material, while providing peace of mind that your hazardous materials are being disposed of and recycled safely and legally. Documentation can also be provided to ensure you’ve disposed of your scrap material to a certified ISO 140001 recycling facility, which complies with EPA, OSHA, and any DNR regulations and provides you with an  audit trail.  
To learn more about our scrap metal recycling services, please visit the scrap recycling page on our website.  If you would like additional information, pricing or Technical Assistance, please contact us at 844-564-6087 x-108, email us at or fill out the form in the Request a quote link below.
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Scrap Conversions

In addition to distribution of solder and other nonferrous alloys and scrap reclamation services, Mayer has the capability of processing and refining your scrap material by adding the necessary tin and lead units and returning to you as a certified alloy, this is known as scrap conversions.  If you have a need for this, please contact our team to get more information.
For more information and FREE Technical Assistance, contact 844.564-6087 x-108, email or fill out the form in the Request a Quote link below.
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3PL Warehouse and Packaging Services

In addition to providing businesses with high quality metal alloys, Mayer specializes in providing businesses with third-party logistics (3PL) and packaging services all under one roof, to further support our customer’s supply chain needs.

  • Warehouse Storage and Distribution
  • Canada and International Cross-Docking Services
  • Order Fulfillment Services
  • Mil-Spec and Commercial Packaging and Kitting
To find out more visit the warehouse and packaging pages on our website.  For further information, contact us at 844-587-6087  x104, via email at or fill out the form in the button below and our team will contact you.
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End of Life Electronic Recycling

Mayer Alloys Corporation in partnership with OmniSource Electronics Recycling, offers secure responsible recycling solutions for your end of life electronics and secure data destruction.  All electronic waste is recycled in an R2 Certified facility providing you with peace of mind and an audit trail.
To find out more visit our webpage, contact us at 844-587-6087  x104, via email at or fill out the form in the button below.
Learn more about our Electronic Recycling Services.
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