Supply chain disruptions can be costly.

Mayer keeps your supply chain running smoothly.

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How do our products and services impact your business’s supply chain?

Metal Alloys

Mayer is a leading supplier of tin, lead 

and other non-ferrous metals  for manufacturing and assembly. 

Recycling for Peace of Mind

Scrap Reclamation: Mayer is a 

buyer of non-ferrous scrap metals, 

specializing in tin, lead and other 

non-ferrous metals . Mayer will

properly disposes of your scrap at certified ISO 14001 facilities. 

Electronic Waste: In partnership 

with OmniSource Electronics 

Recycling Michigan, Mayer recycles end of life electronics in R2 compliant facilities. 

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Packaging Services

Mayer provides Mil-spec packaging services to comply with your government contracts and keep your products safe during shipping and storage.

Warehousing Services

Mayer offers 3PL Storage, Fulfillment and Cross Docking Services — specializing in crossdocking for Canadian companies and companies receiving goods from international locations.

Whatever stage in the supply chain your company finds itself,
Mayer has your back.

As a family-owned and woman-owned business, our goal is to help your business thrive. Known in the industry for our high-quality products, fast turnaround, and expert technical assistance, you can be assured that if you have a project and aren’t sure what you need, we will help you find a solution. Even more, all Mayer’s products and services are managed under one roof — in our 36,000 square foot warehouse. This enables us to help you keep your entire supply chain moving efficiently.

End of life electronics ready for recycling

For healthcare, financial services, education and other businesses. Specializing in responsible recycling services and data protection.

Professional Associations and Organizations


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