Master Supplier of solder, Lead-free Solder, Tin and Lead Based Alloys

Mayer Alloys is a solder distributor that stocks and supplies a complete line of soldertin and lead based alloys and lead-free solder. As the Master Distributor for AIM Solder, all material we stock and supply is guaranteed and certified to comply with ISO 9001 standards.

  • Buy what you want when you want it and we will ship your material the same day it is ordered in most cases.
  • Customer service and technical assistance is always available.
  • Mayer Alloys can purchase commercial scrap metal and drosses. All material is processed through an approved ISO 14001 processing facility.
  • Mayer Alloys can recycle your organization’s electronic waste in partnership with OmniSource Electronic Recycling in an R2 Certified facility.
  • We serve many industries including Ammunition, Automotive, Bait and Tackle, Figurines & Jewelry, Plumbing, Radiation Shielding, Radiator, Roofing, Stained Glass and Wire Cloth.

For a full line of non-ferrous metals, check out our sister site: Mayer Metals