Nuclear – Radiation Shielding

Nuclear – Radiation Shielding Collage

Lead Sheet and Lead Brick for Nuclear/X-Ray Operations

Lead Sheet             Lead Brick

Lead sheet and lead brick are most often used for nuclear and x-ray operations because the properties of lead make it an excellent shield for high energy radiation operations. Its ability to be a great shield is due to lead’s density, high atomic number (82) and level of stability, in addition to its flexibility and ease of fabrication, which makes it easy to use and apply.

Exposure to radiation causes several health hazards, so those who work in environments where they can be exposed to harmful gamma, x-ray, and other nuclear radiation must be protected. Some of these environments include hospitals, laboratories, doctor’s offices, nuclear plants, and construction sites.

For maximum safety, the purest lead available must be used in Nuclear/X-Ray shielding. Lead sheet and lead brick are more highly effective at shielding than other lead applications, which makes these materials ideal in creating barriers, like walls or partitions.

Mayer Alloys offers an extensive line of radiation shielding solutions for x-ray, gamma ray, nuclear and radiation therapy applications, radioactive isotope creation, ballast weights, and counterbalances.

Our Radiation shielding products include:

  • Lead Sheet
  • Lead Brick
  • Lead Plugs
  • Flat Lead Bricks
  • Cast Interlocking Lead Bricks
  • Machine Interlocked Bricks

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