Automotive Solder Solutions for Custom or Repair Work

Car manufacturers need durable materials in order to produce high-quality vehicles people will want to buy. Mayer Alloys has been a trusted source for soldering materials for armatures, wire harnesses and other parts required in the automotive industry. The strong alloy materials we carry make producing automotives efficient for the manufacturer and safe for the consumer.

In order to keep an automotive running to standard, you need the right materials for the job. You need sturdy soldering solutions that will last. Mayer Alloys also provides body solder for collision repair work. Custom and restoration body shops utilize our materials to fill seams, level uneven body work, and blend custom features into vehicles. The body fillers we offer provide superior adhesion and excellent durability, making your job easier.

We have provided the automotive industry with alloys like:

  • 15Sn/85Pb
  • 20Sn/80Pb
  • 30Sn/70Pb
  • 35Sn/65Pb
  • 40Sn/60Pb

All are available in bar and wire form.

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