Copper pipes are used throughout residential and commercial properties for plumping purposes. The U.S. Safe Water Drinking Act requires that lead-free solder be used on potable water lines, or pipes that carry drinking water.

Mayer Alloys carries an extensive supply of lead alloys appropriate for use within the plumbing industry. Our high quality and high purity solder and lead products are designed for use on potable water systems and plumbing repairs, as well as work on new construction, water and sewage work.

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These materials typically include:

  • 50Sn/50Pb
  • 95Sn/5Sb
  • 97Sn/3Cu
  • Caulking Lead

Trust Mayer Alloys for all of your plumbing lead alloy needs. For more information on purchasing materials, please contact us at 888.513.7971 or email