Acid Core Solder and Its Uses

No Clean Sn-Pb Wire 1 lb Spool

Soldering is used across a variety of industries today as an effective means of joining metals together. While soldering is typically associated with electronics manufacturing, its use extends to wide spectrum of industrial sectors. Examples include use by electricians, plumbers, metalworkers, artisans, automotive repair and manufacturing, aerospace repair and manufacturing, heat exchange, and many more.

Soldering is a process of joining  two or more items by melting and putting a filler metal into the joint.  The filler metal, know as solder, has a lower melting point. To solder metals together a soldering gun or soldering iron is used which will melt the solder wire so that it can flow into the joints of the metals and fuse them together in a semi-permanent bond.

Rosin and Acid core solders are manufactured with the solder wire as a tube and the tube contains flux.  While rosin core wire is typically used in electronics, the name acid core, denotes that the flux is an aggressive type designed to solder steel as well as other metals.

Acid Core Soldering

Acid core soldering employs a halide-activated system in the form of Acid Cored Wire, neutralized with an amine for enhanced performance. This aminehydrohalide combination ensures a high activation level, facilitating superior removal of tarnish and oxide, while promoting excellent capillary action for faster wetting. Moreover, it minimizes the risk of thermal degradation to the board materials. Any remaining flux residue is easily soluble in hot water, ensuring convenient cleanup. This material is classified as ORH1 according to IPC flux classification standards.

The uses for acid core solder include the joining of oxidized metals. The acid core in the solder cleans the oxidation off the metal, making for a satisfactory joint.  Examples of this include joining together parts of engines in cars or other machinery, and in plumbing to strip the layer of oxidation off the surface of pipes as the solder melts, allowing it to form a waterproof joint.  Acid core solder can work with any type of oxidized metal except aluminum because the acid core will burn the metal and although uses for acid core solder are varied it is not the recommended for electronics projects.

Acid Cored Wire at a Glance

● Acid cored wire is standard with a 2% flux core. Other flux core %’s are available upon request.
● Acid cored wire is available in Sn/Pb, Sn/Ag/Cu, SN100C® and other custom alloys upon request.
● These solder alloys are manufactured to meet the IPC J-STD-006 standard.
● Other flux percentages, alloys, diameters and spool sizes may be available upon special request

If you have questions about what type of solder to choose for your project or to inquire if acid core solder will work for your needs, you can contact our sales team for technical assistance.  Mayer Alloys offers free technical assistance to ensure you are getting the right material for your needs.


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