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Top four advantages to outsourcing mil-spec packaging services

For manufacturers who build parts for the military, the final step in the process is packaging and shipping these parts to their final destination.  In many cases, special packaging instructions will be stipulated in the contract to ensure they arrive safely at their destination. If you are new to government contracting or need a refresher, contracts always outline the following considerations. 

  1. Packaging Container – The type of interior and exterior packaging containers required and provided in the packaging instructions.
  2. Preservation methods – This is also spelled out in the contract and keeps the parts from harm and degradation during and after shipping. 
  3. Shipping details – How it is shipped and where it is going?
  4. Labeling –  All parts have detailed labeling requirements.
  5. Inspection requirements – Most often an inspection of the packaging materials is required and in some cases, an inspection of the parts is also required.

Here are the top four reasons prime contractors should consider outsourcing mil-spec packaging

1. Packaging Must be Designed According to Contract Specifications

Packaging design and engineering occur before the solicitation is sent out for bid. “Off the shelf” packaging that meets rigorous military standards is virtually non-existent. A professional mil-spec packaging house has the ability to design and produce the correct packaging according to the packaging instructions in the contract. Without a professional packaging house, the contract could be underbid or the packaging may be done incorrectly and could result in the parts being returned, a delay in being paid, and even worse, a possibility that the contract could be canceled and the company would not be awarded any future contracts. 

2. Get Packaging Details off your Plate

Understanding and interpreting mil-spec specifications and requirements for packaging take time, effort, and expertise. The ultimate success of a military contract hinges on the entire process moving like clockwork and following the requirements set out by the governmental customer. A professional mil-spec packaging house can smooth out any complications, work with your Contracting Officer and act as an extension of your team.

3. Needed Expertise in Military Packaging Requirements

In military and government procurement, little or nothing is left up to the vendors’ discretion. This includes packaging, labeling, and inspection requirements. Documentation regarding these requirements is very specific and failure to comply can result in a shipment being rejected, payment being delayed, and the contract being terminated. This could also lead to not being able to secure future contracts. Choosing a vendor that is experienced and certified in mil-spec packaging requirements is protection against these concerns.

4. Labor Challenges

Manufacturers who do their mil-spec packaging in-house may face labor challenges. A shortage of labor may force manufacturers to pull workers from the manufacturing floor to package completed parts. This means fewer parts can be produced, which could delay delivery to the government and could require a modification to the contract and an accompanying fine to be paid. Outsourcing to a packaging vendor, ensures products are packaged correctly and on time while ensuring that you have the labor necessary to meet your manufacturing goals.

The expectations of businesses regarding the way parts and materials are manufactured, packed, and delivered have been evolving to match shifts in the global business environment. While military requirements for packaging remain the same, other aspects of the supply chain have changed and are sometimes unpredictable. A packaging vendor, with the experience and staff to meet all requirements for preservation and other military specifications has become an integral partner in the manufacturing process and for prime contractors supplying governmental customers.


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