How Mil-spec Packaging Companies Get Your Shipments There on Time

Do You Need Assistance with mil-spec packaging?  Learn how professional military packaging companies ensure your shipments adhere to government standards and arrive on time.

As a government contractor, you already know how strict the government is when it comes to compliance and shipments, and there’s a very good reason for these stringent requirements. Products or parts meant for the military must be shipped according to mil-spec standards. If they do not comply, they may not arrive safely, compromising mission readiness and potentially putting troops in danger.


But as a business owner, navigating these guidelines can be overwhelming. So how can you remove some of the stress of this demanding task? Partnering with a company that specializes in mil-spec packaging, ensures your shipments are in compliance with your contract and arrive safely and on time.


How do mil-spec packaging companies avoid delays?

Companies that specialize in mil-spec packaging have extensive knowledge of mil-spec packaging and shipping specifications.

You can expect an experienced military packaging company to be in compliance with mil-spec packaging, preservation, and labeling standards before they are inspected and shipped.


When your shipments are handled by a professional mil-spec packaging company you can be confident your goods will fly through governmental shipping inspections and be on their way with no delay.


Benefits of Hiring a professional military packaging company

In addition to ensuring your packages arrive on time, safely, and according to the requirements of your contract, partnering with a  military packaging company can have other far-reaching benefits for your business.


Cost savings

Training your staff to understand mil-spec packaging requirements or the logistics behind storage and distribution of goods can be costly! Renting additional space to process and inspect shipments is an additional expense as well. Working with a company that can provide all of the necessary steps to ensure your material is packed properly, arrives safely and on time, and allows you to expand without hiring additional team members, saving you money, and increasing your profits.  


Avoid non-compliance penalties

Complying with government standards can be stressful! But the consequences of non-compliance are steep, ranging from stiff monetary penalties to more disastrous repercussions, such as losing a contract, damaging your reputation, or even a deadly mishap. By inspecting shipments, a professional military packaging company can take the pressure off you, so you don’t risk negative ramifications.

Focus on core aspects of your business

Professional military packaging companies free up your time to focus on the core aspects of your business that contribute to your bottom line, such as product development and customer needs. 


Peace of mind

Most importantly, when you hire a military packaging company, you’ll have peace of mind that you will comply with the mil-spec requirements in your contract, and your goods will arrive safely, allowing you to both grow your business and provide critical support to our military’s mission.  


Mayer Alloys – Your Expert Military Packaging Partner

Mayer Alloys offers military and commercial packaging solutions customized to your contract requirements. We provide solutions that address every aspect of mil-spec packaging and any necessary inspections.


We are centrally located in Ferndale, MI near major expressways, close to downtown Detroit and Windsor, ON, Canada, and the surrounding metro Detroit area. Read our guide to learn more about how we can help you with your military and commercial packaging needs.

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