How Outsourcing Packaging Can Improve Your Company’s Supply Chain Resiliency

Logistics Disruptions Can Wreak Havoc on Your Business. Here’s how outsourcing packaging can improve your company’s supply chain Resiliency.


Among the strong messages learned from the COVID-19 pandemic, is the understanding of the importance of the global supply chain, and of its frail nature.  If access to one part in any production process slows or stops, the entire chain and the products that are a part of it are quickly in danger. Business owners have been altering their business models to lessen the impact of supply chain vulnerability.  Being in tune with today’s supply realities calls for supply chain resiliency.


What is supply chain resiliency?

Supply chain resiliency is the ability of a company to adapt, transform, and bounce back from a major change or disruption in that chain. Without this resiliency, a company can’t be responsive to customer needs and provide excellent service.  

For North American companies, the disruptions over the last few years have required them to rethink how business and products flow through the supply chain.  Some will or have already chosen to reduce off-shore sourcing.  Others still are increasing inventory thereby lessening, reducing, or even eliminating JIT (Just In Time) shipping.  In a recent article, Packaging World noted packaging is indispensable to the resilience of a manufacturing business at all stages of the commercial flow. From raw materials to the final delivery to the customer – all items must be adequately packaged to endure handling, transporting, and warehousing without damage.

Companies that are making these business model changes are holding on to inventory longer and are therefore even more reliant on the packaging that protects products from manufacture in the plant to delivery to the customer.  Professional packaging companies, with their agility and ability to provide specialized services, have become insurance policies against supply chain headaches.


What do professional packaging companies do?

As a partner in a manufacturer’s process, professional packaging companies provide packaging and crating solutions tailored to individual needs. That includes developing shipping containers and preservation methods, receiving parts, packing kitting, palletizing them, and assisting in the distribution process.


Specialized packaging to protect goods and minimize damage

Any number of conditions can damage or destroy a product during or before shipping. Temperature and atmospheric changes, moisture, jostling, and rough handling can all take a toll. Professional packaging companies have the knowledge and materials to provide protective packaging solutions that allow your goods to survive shipping or storing without damage or loss of value.


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Minimize weight

Weight and oversize charges all affect the cost of shipping. Professional packaging companies have the know-how to package goods to reduce weight. They are practiced at fitting more units per pallet; using lighter, recyclable materials; and maximizing space within boxes so products are protected without unneeded weight.


Provide contingency measures for space, location, and labor challenges

New supply chain resiliency requirements leave some companies with space issues. Without the proper space to produce, package, and distribute products, customer needs will not be met.  Whether it’s due to increased product demand, a staff shortage, or new locations that are too far from your current packaging house, a professional packaging company can provide a contingency site from where you can continue to run your business without interruption.


A new supply chain landscape

The movement of more companies towards supply chain resiliency is certainly a tribute to the general understanding of the company-level impact of disruptions in the supply chain and the expectations that those disruptions are likely to continue.  While the lesson has been a bitter one for many, there are opportunities to survive and prosper in this new landscape.


Mayer Alloys: Your supply chain resiliency partner

At Mayer Alloys, we are committed to providing the services that will allow your company to survive and thrive through any supply chain challenge.  In addition to packaging, our 36,000 square foot warehouse facility has the capacity and staff to handle all your supply chain needs including shipping, receiving, fulfillment and cross-docking. Our team is committed to ensuring your goods are handled with utmost care. We are mil-spec packaging specialists.  Read our guide to learn more about the benefits of outsourcing packaging to improve your supply chain resiliency.


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