5 Shocking Environmental Effects of E-Waste

E-Waste, also called electronic waste, is the name for electronic products that have come towards the end of their “useful life.” This can include computers, monitors, televisions, stereos, copiers, printers, fax machines, cellphones, dvd player, cameras, batteries, and many more electronic devices. Used electronic devices can be reused, resold, salvaged, recycled or disposed. E-waste has a horrible effect on the environment and it is important to give your e-waste to an R2 certified recycling facility. Here some important facts you need to know about the environmental effects of e-waste.

  1. Computers and most electronics contain toxic materials such as lead, zinc, nickel, flame retardants, barium, and chromium. Specifically with lead, if released into the environment can cause damage to human blood, kidneys, as well as central and peripheral nervous systems.
  2. When e-waste is warmed up, toxic chemicals are released into the air damaging the atmosphere. The damage to the atmosphere is one of the biggest environmental impacts from e-waste.
  3. When electronic waste is thrown away in landfills their toxic materials seep into groundwater, affecting both land and sea animals. This can also affect the health of the people in the developing countries where most of the electronic waste in dumped.


  4. Only 10 percent of cell phones are recycled in the United States and most Americans get new cell phones every 12 to 18 months. This is creating more and more electronic waste and with the lack of responsible recycling, the environmental issues of e-waste are continually increasing.
  5. In Guiyu, China, many of the residents exhibit substantial digestives, neurological, respiratory and bone problems. This is the largest e-waste disposal site in China and quite possible the world, Guiyu receives shipments of toxic e-waste from all over the world.

Mayer Alloys Corporation is based in the Metro Detroit area and provides business to business electronic waste recycling. We provide our customers with:

  • Data Security Solutions
  • Hard Drive Shredding
  • Environmentally Responsible Recycling via an R2 Certified Facility
  • Competitive Prices

Mayer Alloys Corporation is an R2 compliant provider in partnership with OmniSource Electronic Recycling, an R2 Certified Recycler. Mayer will provide you with peace of mind that you are disposing of your organization’s electronic waste safely and responsibly. All electronic waste is recycled in an R2 Certified facility. All hard drives are destroyed and Certificates of Destruction in compliance with Department of Defense (DoD) security standards are provided. For more information about electronic recycling check out our Ultimate Guide To Corporate Electronic RecyclingLearn more about our e-waste recycling solutions here.


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