5 Office Electronics You Can Recycle.

Electronic waste is the name for office electronics that have come towards the end of their “useful life.” A lot of this time electronic devices are not disposed of properly and end up in landfills, but the best way to safely and ethically get rid of your electronics is to recycle them.

There are many common electronic the you can find around your business that you can recycle. Any organization that uses electronics should recycle their electronic devices. But some people don’t know what devices are good to recycle, so we have made a list of some common electronic devices around your office that a perfect to recycle.

1. Photocopiers, Printers and Fax Machines:


Printers have become very inexpensive and many people believe that they are disposable. But these devices can be recycled and donating these devices can lessen pollution, and save resources. Printer cartridges do not belong in landfills and can be recycled.

2. Computers:



This includes monitors, Keyboards, laptops, and other computer components. Computers contains a variety of recyclable materials, including plastic, metals, and glass. Nearly 100% of of the computer is capable to being recycled. Recycling your organization’s computers

3. Cell Phones


Discarded phones represent about 65,000 tons of electronic garbage every year. Cell phones are made from copper, other valuable metals and plastics, recycling cell phones help recover these valuable resources and saves energy.

4. Printed Circuit Boards:

Image result for printed circuit board


Printed circuit boards and wiring may contain recoverable quantities of precious and base metals. Circuit boards contain such metals as gold, silver, platinum, etc. and base metals like copper, iron, aluminum, etc.

5. Televisions:

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Many municipalities do not allot TV sets to be discarded into landfills. Older television sets contain up to eight pounds each of lead. Lead was originally used to protect viewers from radiations. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that 82 percent of televisions were disposed of between 2006-2007 and that occurred primarily in landfills.This means only 18% of sets were recycled.


Mayer Alloys Corporation is based in the Metro Detroit area and provides business to business electronic waste recycling. We provide our customers with:

  • Data Security Solutions
  • Hard Drive Shredding
  • Environmentally Responsible Recycling via an R2 Certified Facility
  • Competitive Prices

Mayer Alloys Corporation is an R2 compliant provider in partnership with OmniSource Electronic Recycling, an R2 Certified Recycler. Mayer will provide you with peace of mind that you are disposing of your organization’s electronic waste safely and responsibly. All electronic waste is recycled in an R2 Certified facility. All hard drives are destroyed and Certificates of Destruction in compliance with Department of Defense (DoD) security standards are provided. For more information about electronic recycling check out our Ultimate Guide To Corporate Electronic Recycling.



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