Mayer Alloys Corporation proudly serves Canadian businesses who order from U.S. manufacturers and need a warehouse to ship their goods to, allowing them to pick up their orders and take them through Customs to Canada. Our 36,000 square foot warehouse, located in Ferndale, MI, a short drive to the US/Canadian border, can accept your goods, store them if necessary and allow you the flexibility to pick them up and take them across the border.

Contact us, give us a call at 844-564-6087 x104 or email to discuss how we can help with all your needs for cross-docking and fulfillment.

Cross-Docking Services

Customs clearance slowing down your shipments across the border? Our cross-docking services could be an ideal solution! All you need to do is have your U.S.-made orders shipped to our warehouse and we’ll immediately prep them for your outbound carrier of choice. Once you have had them cleared by customs, you can pick them up at our warehouse, or our team can load them onto a truck using the carrier of your choice.

Check out 4 ways that cross-docking makes shipping U.S. goods to Canada easy!

Shipping crates in fulfillment warehouse

Fulfillment/Pick and Pack Services

Our 36,000 sq. ft. distribution warehouse is just minutes from Windsor in Metro Detroit and can provide a variety of fulfillment and inventory management services for businesses, including:

  • Acting as a delivery destination for Canadian Companies ordering from U.S. Manufacturers
  • Secure short-term and long-term storage of your goods (on a pallet or carton basis)
  • Distribution on unit or bulk basis to your U.S. customers
  • Receiving, warehousing and shipping, including just-in-time services

Our Location

Mayer Alloys Warehouse Location