Surprising Ways Solder is Used in Medical Devices

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Today, medical equipment is becoming more and more advanced and new technologies are being created everyday. Having advanced medical equipment is essential to making sure your medical practice is up to speed. New technologies and longer life spans are driving the growing medical device and medical electronic manufacturing markets around the world.


The assembly of medical devices uses a wide variety of alternative soldering processes that require non-standard soldering products. Solder is commonly used in some of these products: medical equipment.jpg

  • The assembly of diagnostic and therapeutic catheters, micro-catheters and feed-through require precision solder products that are made to tight tolerance and high quality standards.
  • Sealing optics into devices such as endoscopes requires the use of a flux-less process and materials.
  • In sensors temperature sensitive devices may need low melting alloys to prevent thermal stress during assembly.
  • Soldering to some of the most widely used metals in the medical market, including Nitinol and stainless steel can be challenging. Removal of the tenacious surface metal oxides must be achieved before soldering can take place.
  • In connector manufacturing maximum signal integrity is required to allow for the optimum flow of data and images.
  • From diagnostic and imaging equipment to handheld monitoring devices, printed circuit boards are in almost all of the equipment used by doctors, hospitals and clinics.
  • Lead is a dense and extremely versatile tool, making it the preferred material of high energy radiation operation. It is used in nuclear and radiology operations, including x-ray, gamma ray and nuclear applications.


Some of the solder products frequently used in medical devices is: aim solder paste.jpg

  • Solder Paste: which is a spherical, low-oxide powder available in various mesh sizes.
  • Preforms: Is a large die library of washers, squares, discs, frames and special shapes.
  • Solder Wire: Including SnAg Pb-free ad PbSn wire.
  • Solder Spheres
  • Flux


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