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Uses For Acid Core Solder

Soldering is used across a variety of industries today as an effective mans of jinxing metals together. In most laymen’s minds soldering is associated with electrical manufacturing but this is not the only area where it is used. Electricians, plumbers, metalworkers, boilermakers and many more artisans use soldering. The word soldering is defined by the joining of two different metals together by use of another metal that has a lower melting point and this metal that has the low melting point is called solder. There are many different types of solder metals for different applications. Take for example acid core solder that is manufactured with a special type of chemical that helps for the soldering of difficult types of metal. Uses for acid core solder are extensive and also very common.

To solder metals together a soldering gun or soldering iron is used which will melt the solder wire so that it can flow into the joints of the metals and fuse them together in a semi permanent bond. There are many uses for acid core solder and it is one of the most popular types available among a huge assortment of different soldering wire on the market.

Some uses for acid core solder include the joining of oxidized metals which can be difficult to join. The acid core in the solder can be said to clean the oxidation off the metal, making for a satisfactory joint. The uses for acid core solder are effective for galvanized metal in most cases and other similar metals that would be difficult to join using normal solder. Mayer Alloys are the leading suppliers of the most comprehensive assortment of different types of soldering wire, fluxes and other soldering accessories on the market, and our website will help you choose the right product to suit the job.

To help you choose what you need for your soldering job, we list the specifications of the solder products, and the uses for acid core solder if that is the type of soldering wire you would like to use. Although uses for acid core solder are varied it is not the type of soldering wire recommended for electronics projects.

When you are joining galvanized pipes it is suitable because the acid core flows into the joints allowing the melted metal to thoroughly seal the cleaned joints. Another one of the uses for acid core solder if for joining oxidized metals together in some parts of engines in cars and other machines. Uses for acid core solder that is available from us can suit almost any project with oxidized metal except aluminum because the acid core will burn the metal or mark it badly.

Whatever type of soldering wire product you need, you can we assured we stock it in many different diameter cores and rolls, because we are the foremost supplier ion the industry. We supply manufacturers, individuals and electronics companies because they know we have the most extensive variety at the most affordable whole sale prices.

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